A proven record of success.



Board of Directors

Our leadership team is comprised of teachers, counselors, parents, coaches and business professionals with a track record of success and a deep passion for the next generation.


Stephen Griffin, Chairman Board of Directors

Kevin Kile,
Board of Directors

Jaye Martin, Secretary, Board of Directors


Dana Eldredge
Board of Directors

Debbie Thompson,
Board of Directors

Katie Munk,
Board of Directors

Kelly Spence,
Board of Directors

Tracy Kile,
Advisory Board Member







Our experienced team of front line leaders has spent decades working with teens and young adults, raising up the next generation of leaders.


Kelly Spence,
Boswell After Hours Director

Mirna Cano,
Saginaw After Hours Director

Katie Munk
Benevolence Director


Joe Elliott,
Austin Area Director

Zac Tinney,
McNeil and Leander After Hours Director


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